ATHLISI is a transnational project, funded by the Erasmus+ Sports programme, which aims to promote the social inclusion of children from disadvantaged target groups (Roma immigrants, children from low socioeconomic background) through their increased participation in sport activities in the framework of the activities of the sport clubs.

The activities of the ATHLISI project are divided in four phases: The first phase is the research and the identification of training needs of the target groups, the second is the development of the training material, the third is the organization of seminars and e-learning courses and the fourth is the implementation of the knowledge and skills acquired with children from disadvantaged target groups.

ATHLISI has organised e-learning and face to face courses in all partner countries.

Practical implementation of the skills acquired through the framework of the training through specific activities targeting children from disadvantaged groups.

The current situation in relation with the role of the coaches and sport clubs in the social inclusion of children from disadvantaged target groups.

The project has developed a comprehensive guidebook for the training of coaches and representatives of the sport clubs to support the social inclusion of disadvantaged children.