The training took place at the Makario Athletic stadium, in Nicosia and lasted 4 afternoons within September 2017. Eurosuccess was responsible for the recruitement and organization of the training sessions.

Totally, 10 persons participated, among them football and karate coaches/trainers of children and youth, as well as representatives from the Board of Directors of one football club.

Eurosuccess approached the regarding training, by providing a practical overview of all training modules within the set sessions, so as for the participants to have a complete idea of the training materials and philosophy produced. All session were practical and interactive, with exercises, experiences and discussion sessions and less theory.

The participants developed further the skills needed on how to approach the specific target group, motivate and involve them within their sports activities, as well as continuously to be able to keep them positive and active. By the end of the training they felt that they were in position to more accurate evaluate a child in need of support and communication, as well as basic psychological support, which of course can be further and continuously improved through the e-learning platform which was developed within the project concept as well.