The N.P.D.D. of Social Solidarity & Sport “Irodoros” is a public organization, which was established in 2011 by the Municipality of Megara and aims to promote sport activity and raise public awareness of social issues.

This is achieved through a variety of sport and social programs, the continual upgrading of sports facilities and the creation of new venues offering to our citizens quality and reliable solutions, especially to the working mother, to the elderly and to the economically weaker people.

Action Synergy S.A. is an ICT R&D, training and knowledge-based applications organization which is actively involved in the development of education technologies, training methodologies and the development of e-learning training courses. Action Synergy S.A. disposes a long experience in the management and coordination of European Projects from 1987 until now.

CESIE is a non-governmental organisation, established in 2001, inspired by the work and theories of the Italian sociologist Danilo Dolci (1924-1997). CESIE contributes to the active participation of people, civil societies and institutions through the implementation of projects on various thematic areas, towards the promotion of growth and development, always valuing diversity in the respect of ethics and human development.

FOPSIM is a Maltese foundation that aims to achieve concrete progress for marginalized groups or sections within Maltese society in the following areas: Employment, Social protection and inclusion, Working conditions, Anti-discrimination, Diversity and gender equality, Youths & Elderly.

The main objectives and activities of the UNION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF SPORT AND SPORTS CULTURE – FOOTURA are the development and promotion of various sports and all kind of activities connected with sport, sport scientific researches and exchange programs. The association aims at promoting amateur and college sports in order to motivate young people to be active and to see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. High priority for us is the development of youth activities, initiatives and projects, supporting healthy lifestyles and physical education of children and youths.

Eurosuccess Consulting, through a dynamic team of young scientists provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of modern Cyprus enterprises especially on matters like innovation and technology. EUROSUCCESS identified, from the initial steps of its operations, the need for creating links between the Cyprus economy and the wider European market and put great emphasis on the exploitation of the potentials created by the accession of Cyprus in the European Union.

ZAVOD APGA is a private institution founded in 2012. The institution activities are research, development and applied activities in the field of physical activity and their effects on humans and the environment. As part of its work we promote and support policies and practices that contribute to social responsibility and a higher level of realization of human rights and equal social, societal and economic opportunities for all people.